In Memory of Us - 2008

Size: 10”/8”/8”
Materials: Bronze , copper, sterling silver,24kt gold.
Techniques: lost wax casting, open work, construction.

This bronze urn in a shape of a dome is a final resting place for two people and their dog. and their love for each other. The container is build as a sculptural group with three proportionate volumes for ashes and one central form unifying the three. It is built as a sculptural group represents a man, a woman, a dog and their animal guardian spirit. The shapes are derived from the results of my research on the Native American's use of animal imagery as guiding spirits and protectors. They are rendered as a 'human - animal metamorphose ' and are joined together with a fourth piece. The top element is in a shape of a sun, covered with gold, designed to lock the containers and symbolize the binding emotion by which these people wish to be remembered.
Grave Goods - A Juried Exhibition, Woodstock Museum , Ontario, September 2008

    Animals of Power - “Dionysius” - 2005

      The work is formed using the ancient method of lost wax casting where copper and bonze is melted in a furnace and poured into a mold. The silver part of the vessel is constructed and decorated with open work..The pictograms on the rim are representation of the origin of the Bull and the rites of life, death and rebirth related with the god Dionysius - also associated with wine, vegetation and growth.

        Size: 7.5”/10”/5”
        Materials: Copper, bronze and silver
        Techniques: lost wax casting, open work, construction.

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    Talismans - 2000

    Complete collection includes:
    Seven holders with silver tops set with genuine gems: jade, onyx, jasper, amber, agate, tiger eye.Twenty eight silver figures inlaid with gold, genuine gems, metals and organic materials.Unique lock mechanism on a silver chain, to fit on the back of each talisman converting it into a pendant.A walnut case with a lid and inlaid marquetry table with supports for the holders
    Metals: 1556.2 gr silver 950, 8.7 gr. gold 14ct, copper, brass, putter, steel, tin.
    Wood: walnut, ash, ebony, coconut shells.
    Organic materials: nacre, abalone, amber, bone, moby pearl, coral.
    Gems: jasper, agate, jade, nephrite, hematite, chrysolite, turquoise, tiger eye, malachite, amethyst, quartz, onyx, lapis lazuli, serdolic, opal, bloodstone, garnet, carnelian.
    Overall dimensions: 11”/11”/6”.
    Size of each of the sculptures: 2.5/3.5”
    Size of each figurine: 1.5/2”
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    The Conquest - 2002

    Size: 12"/14"/14"
    Materials: copper, bronze, pure silver
    Technique: raised copper, silver repousee, bronz casting

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