The finished chair- 141/45/45 cm
Stained maple wood, glass, upholstery.
    A chair - not a chair

    The objective of this project was to create a chair with multiple function different from sitting.The inspiration comes from ideas of C.R.Macintosh for furniture design as a whole environment. This chair functions as a straight backchair, screen and coffee table.

    The back of the chair opens into a three parts screen and stands by itself separately or in the chair.With its back removed and aligned to the wall the chair serves as a stool and as a panel at the same time.The screen may be also used as a wall decoration, room separator and clothes hanger. It also slides in a special grove on the back of the stool and is easy to place and remove by one person. The sit is made from plywood with thick foam upholstered with green hand woven wool. It could be removed from the frame of the bottom part of the chair.

        The chair as a coffee table. The glass on the top is sandblasted from the back.The sit is removed and the screen slided into a grove converting it into a table

Computer Desk
Picture of the finished desk - size 150/150/70 cm

The visualisation of the idea - rendered with

Strata Vision Studio Pro1.0 - 1996

    The idea comes from the beauty of some domestic objects made from recycled and environment friendly materials. Hampers, seats, stools and baskets woven with rattan, stoves and boxes cast from iron they all have charm which removes the grayness from the interior and domesticates our personal working place. The desktop is cut out of balsa wood, sandwiched with aluminum, covered with MDF and finished with birch veneer & trim and water based varnish.
    The modules are build out of square, angle & flat steel. They serve as a support for the top of the desk, giving a sturdy base for the heavy equipment and a sliding surface for the drawers, providing easy access from both front and back sides of the desk.The drawers are made out of birch frames, compressed mesonite, wooden dowels and rattan.The semi quarter drawer rolls on wheels providing easy access to files.The materials used on the drawers as well as on the entire project ensure economical construction, aesthetically pleasing contrast between wood, metal and rattan

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