Wear your mood - adjustable silver broach - 1998

"Wear your mood"- adjustable broaches. The design was inspired by the idea of clothes displays These little people provide the opportunity to adjust their posture in a suggestive gesture so you could display various emotions to your friends.
So ...wear your mood and bring on a happy smiling face.

"Wear your mood" - broaches, 15 gr. sterling 950, brass. Shown real size .The joints are adjustable and attached to the body with brass rivets and velum insertions to secure longer use. The pin on the back is as in broach with safety lock. Boys and girls with more then
twenty different hats and hairstyles .
Click here to see how are they made.

Personalized Business Card Container - 1997

Personalized Business Card Container- brass and silver 950
Client: Head Research, Montreal '97

          The objective was to design a business card box to serve the needs of a group of representatives of a company for research and product development. The box was to serve as a container for business cards as well as an image builder emphasizing on the reliability and the innovative ideas of the company as well as its efficiency in hosting research projects and focus groups in homey atmosphere. The sense of belonging and domestic friendly informal look is achieved by the use of brass and the treatment of the surface The silver logo and several different surface patterns are used to provide aesthetical contrast and contribute to the personalization.The idea for the locking system and the shape of the box is influenced by the design of some old fashion tool boxes.

Several drawings and renderings were made with Strata Studio Pro 1.0
to visualize the idea and introduce the client to more choices

Icosahedron - 1996

"Icosahedron" - sterling silver, invisible tread, size 10"/8"/8"
The objective of this project was to create a geometric structure which visualise the relation between the fourpaltonic solids and demonstrartes the formation of the fifth one. The silver structure represent the icosahedronand the lines drawn between each spot with the invisible tread form the shape of the dodecahedron and alsoserve as a support for it. The silver dodecahedron is constructed from silver pieces soldered together to formthe shape. The holes on each corner alows the treading of the invisible tread which holds it in the center ofthe structure. The project was commisioned by Concordia university / Department of Design Art and was part of the exhibition "Paterns and Origins" presented by L.Sharman in '96 VAC in Montreal

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