is born on September 26,1954
1972 graduates from the School of Fine and Applied Arts, Sofia with major jewelry design with training in all processes involved in metal-working with special reference to creative jewelry practice in precious and non-precious metals: open work, filigree, construction, centrifugal, lost wax and sand casting, repousse, chasing, stone setting and engraving.
1972-1989 works as a free lance jewelry designer and maker. Some projects include:
Design and production of jewelry and accessories for fashion shows Client: Fashion Design "Valentine", and fashion center ”Leda”, Sofia, ’78-85; Design and production of jewelry and accesories for the folk dance group "Thracia", Clients: Bulgarian National Music Board and The National Museum of Archeology, Sofia.
1990 becomes Canadian citizen and moves to Montreal
1997 graduates from Concordia University - Bachelors of Fine Art- major Design Art. In addition to her training, the four years of intensive studio work in Concordia provided her with experience in sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, graphic design, illustration, control on the computer as a design tool and knowledge on Art and Design History.
1998 registers ILADESIGN - a studio for unique art jewelry
2001 - 2002 graduates from Concordia University - Graduate Certificate Programm on Digital Technology in design Art practice
1995-2005 Some jewelry design projects - ILADESIGN®
Design and production of gold and silver jewelry - clients: Artful Image, Concord, US, , Harbinger, Toronto, Gallerie d’Art Bigue, Lapidarius, Westmount , Le Petit Musee, Montreal Quebec
Design and production of jewelry and accessories for fashion shows: Dany Grow, New York
1995-2005 Some design projects - ILADESIGN®
Design and fabrication of silver objects as instructional tools - Client: Concordia University
Design and production of bussiness card case - Client: Head Research Inc. -Montreal
Personal work station - shown at Salon International de Design d’Interior de Montreal
Design and fabrication of silver objects - Client: Concordia University
1995-2005 Teaching experiance
Anual artistic jewelery workshop - Inukjuak, Nunavit -2003 - teaching ancient jewellery techniques, sand casting and mozaic
"The Animal in Celtic and Thracian gold" -2002 - lectures given at the Emanuel College,Department of Medieval Studies, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario
Multimedia design in the International Academy of Design , Montreal, 2000.
Lectures on the symbolic use of zoomorphic imagery in ancient art - Department of Design Art, Concordia University, Montreal, 1998.
Workshops on metal casting techniques - Department of Design Art, Concordia University, Montreal, 1997.
Lydia Ilarion's work is sold in:
“Boutiques des métiers d’art - Marché Bonsecours”, “Farfelu Gallery”,” The Guild of Canadian Craft” – Montreal, “Main Street Gallery”, Sydney, B.C. Canada, “Bijou Galerie Studio” and “Silver lust “ Houston, TX, USA

SMAQ, Place Bonaventure, Montreal - 02',03',04',05',06’,07’,08', 09',10',11',12'
Festival International Montreal en Arts – Montreal, 04’,05’,06’,07’,08',09',10',11',12'
Grave Goods - Woodstock Museum, Ontario, September 2008

Out of the Fiery Furnace -Woodstock Museum, Ontario, September 2005

Jewellery with purpose -International juried exhibitions-Richmond, VA, May 2004
Heavenly Virtues&Deadly Sins- Object Design Gallery, Vancouver, B.C. January 2004
Salon des Metier des Art du Quebec, Place Bonaventure, Montreal, 2003
Salon des Métiers dart du Quebec, Place Bonaventure, Montreal, December 2002
One of a Kind Show , Torornto, Ontario, November 2002
Sculptural Object - Functional Art (SOFA) Ney Yortk, May 2002
Reflection on The Conquest, Woodstock Museum, Ontario , February 2002
Sculptural Object - Functional Art (SOFA) Chicago, 2000
Arts 2000 - Royal Canadian Academy of Art, Torornto and Stratford, May-September, 2000
Then & Now a Celtic and Medieval Exposition, Toronto, '99
Salon des Métiers dart du Quebec, December ‘98, Place Bonaventure, Montreal
Philadelphia Market of American Craft, February’98
Salon International de Design d’ Interieur de Montreal, May ‘97
Design Art Shows, Concordia, Montreal, May’94,’95,’96,’97
“Paper, Ink, Sanctuary “, The MAG,Toronto, September ‘95
“XXX Taking Tea With Eros “, The Metal Art Guild Toronto, February ‘94
“Personal Containers”, The Metal Arts Guild, Toronto, February ‘92
One Man Shows: Sofia, May ‘88,’89,’90;Yambol, March’83, Plovdiv,’87
National Biannale of Fine Arts, Sofia 82,’84,’86,’88,’90
Biannale of Fine Arts,Yablonetz, Czechoslovakia, Spring ‘83,’85,’87,’89
Quadriannale: Gold Silber und Schmuck,Erfurt, Germany, March ‘86
Fine Art exhibitions presented by the Bulgarian Cultural Centers: Amsterdam ‘82,
Moscow ‘85, Montreal’87, Prague ‘88 and Warsaw ‘89
Award for best All Round Participation in “Gold&Silber”quadrianale, Erfurt, Germany, ‘86
Prize for Group Participation in the Biannale if Fine and Applied Art, Warsaw '90

Recently Lydia Ilarion focuses on projects which require extensive research on symbols and studies on cultures, styles and forms of expressions. Her “Talismans were selected by the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts and shown at Stratford Gallery until the end of September, 2000. In the future she plans to work more on the relation between ancient symbols and contemporary signs and their application into a new form of expression in jewelry design and making

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